The Special October/April Summer Class offered by Bangkok Advent School is a 15- 18-day course designed for students to complete academic requirements, enhance learning, spend quality school time and have fun while learning during school break. It provides learning areas in English, Science, Mathematics and additional activities in team-building, Information Technology, Physical Education, Cooking and Performing Arts concentrating in Music and Rhythmic Activities such as Dancing.


Our Special October/April Summer Class program focuses on students being able to

  1. Learn the four basic communication skills in English.
  2. Review the fundamental operations in Mathematics.
  3. Perform simple laboratory experiments in Science.
  4. Participate in the team-building activities.
  5. Recognize that learning is a never-ending process.
  6. Receive recognition for their excellent work.

We also aim to: 

  1. Cultivate the desire for continuous learning.
  2. Extend learning activities beyond the school curriculum.
  3. Provide an avenue for sharing talent.
  4. Cultivate camaraderie among students.
  5. Integrate faith and learning while having fun.
  6. Recognize achievers.
  7. Recognize the support of parents to the school.


Our activities are varied providing a lot of opportunities for students to make friends and use the English language in authentic settings.

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