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Bangkok Advent School (BS), a family-friendly environment, was established in 2008.
BS provides an English Program ( EP) for the students from Kindergarten to Grade 9
and Thai Curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
BS is private owned coeducational institution that offers quality education in a
Christian environment which serves the needs of many in and around Bangkok, Thailand.
BS is located at 115/112-113 Soi Vibhadi 53 (Sri Chan),
Bangkhen, Laksi, Bangkok 10210 Thailand.

School Academic Departments

Contents of Learning for Arts and Music

The learning area of Arts and Music develops creativity in learn-ers, including various aspects where artistic appreciation, imagi-nation and expression is needed. Visual Arts and Performing Arts are both part of this department. Students of Bangkok Advent School are able to have opportunities to freely express them-selves artistically and aesthetically.

Contents of Learning for Occupations and Technology

The learning content of Occupations and Technology helps stu-dents to develop essential life skills which promote a favorable attitude to work and further education in technology. The princi-ple of sufficiency is inculcated in the learners which allows for ho-listic development along the lines of future careers and occupa-tions.

Contents of Learning for Foreign Languages

It is a necessity to learn foreign languages in the present global society. The Foreign Languages Department of Bangkok Advent School strives hard to provide communication skills to enable learners to gain access to bodies of knowledge using the foreign tongue. English constitutes the teaching of basic content area subjects and learners are able to understand differences in cul-tures and traditions of others through other languages as well.

Contents of Learning for Health & Physical Education

“Health or state of health is important, as it is linked to all dimen-sions of life.” All students should learn about health and how to take care of one’s health. It is applicable in all areas of life. What is learned in Health and Physical Education places emphasis on hygienic habits, quality of life and maintaining and strengthening the body along with practical skills required thereof. Bangkok Ad-vent School strives to promote health through its activities and after school group games such as futsal, volleyball and basketball.

The Kindergarten Department

Basic education starts at the Kindergarten Department where our faculty strives hard to inculcate basic skills in speech, motor movements, attitude and numbers. The development is holistic and students have the opportunity to experience an enjoyable learning environment while growing up.

Contents of Learning for Mathematics

Mathematics serves as a tool in learning a lot of other concepts and is a basis for skillful interactions in many disciplines. It also aids students to acquire skills in methodological thinking and de-cision making.

Contents of Learning for Science

Our curriculum follows the Thai Ministry of Education’s mandate to give emphasis on scientific study of biological, chemical and physical concepts with exploration and experimentation with the knowledge that the study of the sciences cultivates logical thinking and analytical problem solving.
The Science Department of Bangkok Advent School is also home to upper secondary students taking up the Science and Math Major and boasts of two well-equipped laboratories for primary and sec-ondary students.

Contents of Learning for Social Studies, Culture and Religion

The learning area of Social Studies, Religion and Culture focuses on existing peacefully among societies, understanding that even though we have many differences, we can become good and re-sponsible citizens. It exists to provide learning in fundamental concepts of religion, morality and ethics and administrative sys-tems, cultural characteristics, history and forms of government.

Contents of Learning for Thai

The curriculum follows the Thai Ministry of Education’s mandate to give emphasis on Thai language applications for effective communication and cultivate pride in the national language. Learning Thai also strengthens Thai-ness in people allowing for meaningful and peaceful coexistence in society. Our faculty is composed of dedicated teachers whose love for teaching Thai language extends beyond cultural diversities.


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15/112-113 Soi Vibhavadi 56 (Sri Chan)
Taladbangkhen Laksi Bangkok, Thailand 10210

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